The Operation Clean Sweep program and manual contains guidelines to help plastics industry operations managers reduce the loss of pellets to the environment. Each procedure may or may not be applicable to your specific operation. Operation Clean Sweep users are free to implement the sections and steps that help achieve your company’s specific goals. None of the guidelines are intended as a mandate. Compliance with state and local regulations are mandatory. These guidelines may help you to achieve compliance and avoid penalties.

  • Introduction
  • Plastic Pellets in the Environment
  • The Value of Operation Clean Sweep
  • Implementation
  • Conducting a Site Audit
  • Worksite Set-up
  • Designing a Training Program
  • Employee Participation and Accountability
  • Prevention, Containment and Clean-up Procedures
  • Pledge to Prevent Pellet Loss
  • Checklists

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Conducting site audits

Auditing your site to identify plastic resin pellet, flake and powder loss is the first step in implementing Operation Clean Sweep. You can use the PRP Rating Tool to assist in rating initial site surveys and ongoing monitoring to ensure that your efforts are reducing the loss of plastics into the environment.


Download the Operation Clean Sweep PRP Loss Rating Tool

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