POSTPONED - 2020 Port Phillip Bay Nurdle Hunt

POSTPONED - Join us for the Port Phillip Bay Nurdle Hunt!

UPDATED 13/3/2020

Due to the evolving coronavirus situation, the 2020 Nurdle Hunt Industry Event on March 20th at Stony Creek Backwash has been postponed until later on in the year.



If you are still keep to be involved, please see information below on how you can record nurdles for the Port Phillip Bay Nurdle Hunt from you local beach, anytime over the weekend of March 21st & 22nd. 


Join Operation Clean Sweep® to help us map plastic resin pellet pollution across Port Phillip Bay.

Did you know:

- Plastic Resin Pellets are also known as ‘nurdles’
- Nurdles are very small beads of raw plastic used in the manufacture of plastic products
- Nurdles are eaten by wildlife who mistake them as fish eggs
- Nurdles do adsorb toxins while they are in the water.


You can participate in the Port Phillip Bay Nurdle Hunt anytime from the 21st - 22nd March 2020 at your own location.



To participate in the Port Phillip Bay Nurdle Hunt, head out to your local beach, creek or river and see if you can spot any nurdles any time over the weekend of March 21st - 22nd!

If you find any nurdles use either our Plastic Resin Pellet Data Collection Sheet or the AMDI App to report them.

We need to know where you were nurdle hunting, how long and how many you found.

If you are able to collect the nurdles, we'd love to receive them with a copy of the data sheet - just post them to PO Box 1176, Margaret River, WA 6285.

Share your photos on social media and #NurdleHunt

To report the nurdles using the Plastic Resin Pellet Rating Tool and Datasheet

- Download the Plastic-Resin-Pellet-Rating-Tool-and-Datasheet.pdf and complete all details.

- Scan and email the form back to email/info)( or post with your nurdle sample to PO Box 1176, Margaret River, WA 6285

To report the nurdles using the AMDI app:

- Download the "Australian Marine Debris Initiative" data collection app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

- Create an account

- Watch the AMDI App how to video for instructions on how to record data

- To record nurdles in the app fill in the Collection page and drop a pin on the Location page, then on the Items page click on Add Item and type "Pollution Rating" in the search field.

- Choose Clean Sweep pellet rating in the Rating Method

- Choose Plastic resin pellet in the Rating Target

- Select one of the five ratings for Pollution Rating - have a look at the Plastic-Resin-Pellet-Rating-Tool-and-Datasheet.pdf to see an example of each rating

- In the Notes section, record how many nurdles you collected and any information on colours

- Select the camera icon in the top right corner to capture an image of your find

- Click Add Item

- Navigate to the Conditions page and save your data report.

- Don't forget to login and upload your report to the AMDI Database as your final step!


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